Q&A: UNO women’s soccer coach Don Klosterman


April 11th, 2014

Omaha, NE — Don Klosterman heads into his 16th season as head coach of the University of Nebraska at Omaha women’s soccer team. After several close losses last year, the Mavericks are looking to gain experience that they can turn into wins this fall.


KVNO: Thanks for joining me today coach.

Don Klosterman: Thank you.

KVNO: How were the games this weekend against Rockhurst and Augustana?

UNO head coach Don Klosterman has a career record of 204-85-14 in 15 seasons. (Photo Courtesy Brandon McDermott)

UNO head coach Don Klosterman has a career record of 204-85-14 in 15 seasons. (Photo Courtesy Brandon McDermott)

Klosterman: I think a lot of things are starting to come together with the team. Some of the things I’ve been trying to talk to them about and try to make them realize that the spring season for us needs to be a process, which includes everything we’ve done since January 18th. When I look at the games that is what I look at – we’ve put in some new things for them this spring that we haven’t done in the past. It really has been a process from the beginning of January to where we are now.

KVNO: Do you think the experience they’ve gained along the way will help them this fall?

Klosterman: We certainly played enough of the underclassmen last fall that they got a little bit of experience and understand the process and what we are trying to do. But they also understand what we are going to be playing and going up against. We are almost there and I think some of that experience is going to help with that aspect of our game. Can we stay in a game for 90 minutes? The kids who played a lot last fall are the ones we are going to rely on to give us that experience factor.

KVNO: What are you looking for from your team to close out the spring against Colorado?

Klosterman: Hopefully, we will be at a point where we can represent ourselves really well. That is going to be a difficult task for us because we are going to see a whole lot of different pressure, a whole lot of different athletic abilities than we’ve seen so far. It will be fun, it will be a good challenge, I think the girls will respond and they will give it their best.

KVNO: Coach, I appreciate the time.

Klosterman: Thank you.

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