Q&A: UNO baseball coach Bob Herold


April 4th, 2014

Omaha, NE —  The University of Nebraska at Omaha baseball team is finding its groove as of late – winning 12 of their last 16 games. KVNO reporter Brandon McDermott sat down with Maverick head coach Bob Herold.


KVNO: Bob Herold is in his 15th season as head coach of the baseball program at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  Herold has compiled a career record of 460-311-2 at UNO – Thanks for joining me coach.

Head Coach Bob Herold: You bet, Brandon.

KVNO: You’ve won nine of your last nine – is your team clicking right now?

Herold: I guess if we’ve won eight of our last nine, I’d say we are playing good ball. We are at a .750 clip right now after starting out 1-5, so we things are going pretty good now.

KVNO: Talk about Zach Williamsen – has he been roughed up a bit early on?

Herold: A little bit, he was pitching up in the zone a bit. Of course he is pretty hard on himself, he has good stuff, he can top out at 90 mph and so we need him to a guy who can go out there and get a few more innings for us.

KVNO: On the other side of the coin, talk about Tyler Fox, he is first in the summit league in wins and fourth in ERA, has he been a surprise so far?

Herold: Not really, he was our number one guy after coming out of his third rotation. In fact when we played the pitcher of the year (in the Summit League) at South Dakota last year he shut them 6-0. He is the real deal, he commands the strike zone and there is a lot of kool-aid running through those veins, you know what I mean?

KVNO: You beat K-state this week, 6-5 after Nebraska was walloped by the Wildcats 12-6. Does this mean anything to you?

Herold: It’s another win. It depends on who is pitching any day it happens. Our guys got down 4-1 so we did respond well and came back and won the game. So it was nice to see guys not giving up – so that was our day.

KVNO: After winning the regular season Summit League title last year – what are your team goals this year?

Herold: We are planning on winning it against. We don’t recruit guys to come here and finish second place. The kind of guys we try to recruit all-conference players at every position. Some years we don’t get them but the expectation is the same so guys are winning type players. They want to win the league as bad as I do that means grinding it through, getting after it and performing as well as you can every game.

KVNO: Is there anything else you want to add before we go?

Herold: I appreciate the support here. It means a lot, kind of getting our name out there. I just invite the fans to come out and enjoy some baseball.

KVNO: Thanks for joining me today coach,

Herold: I appreciate it Brandon, you bet.

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