Q&A: UNO men’s soccer coach Jason Mims


March 31st, 2014

Omaha, NE – The University Of Nebraska at Omaha men’s’ soccer team has been making the rounds this spring. The Mavericks have played two professional teams, including the Colorado Rapids of Major League Soccer. The Mavs dropped the first game 1-0 to the Oklahoma City Energy and UNO lost the second game 3-1 to the Colorado.

We sat down with UNO’s head coach – Jason Mims recently, to discuss the team’s development this spring.


KVNO: Head Coach Jason Mims heads into his fourth season as coach of the men’s soccer team at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. His squads have increased their win totals every year and look to make waves this year. Coach thanks for joining us.

Jason Mims: Absolutely good to be here.

KVNO: Starting out here, talk about that trip to Colorado. What did your team learn from that trip?

Mims: First of all, it’s a chance to go on the road. I think it’s also a good experience to also come together as a team and to actually have a professional game tied in with that I think it was an incredible experience. To be able to play against a MLS team like that with some of the names that were playing for them. I think it was a great test for us and the guys showed well.

KVNO: What does your team gain from this?
Mims: Depending on how you do you can gain confidence. And we competed very, very well. It was 2-1 for a good portion of the game. It ended as a 3-1 loss. The score is not important as far as the way we played. I think we are going to gain confidence and I think a team like that shows your strengths and weaknesses.  If you are able to do something well against a team of that caliber then you are probably going to be able to do it against some of the top college teams in the country.

KVNO: Talk about Colorado’s goalie, what was it like for your team to face a first string MLS goalkeeper?

Mims: It was neat. You never know what you play these MLS teams what kind of team they are going to field. There are a couple of MLS all-stars that were playing so we didn’t get your normal reserve squad.

KVNO: How has the team played this spring, and what have you been able to do that may help you going into next year?

Mims: So far we’ve had two tests, two games and we’ve played two professional teams. I am pretty happy with how this spring is going, but we still have the last half of the spring left. So we have got to make sure we are continuing to get better.

KVNO: Coach is there anything else you want to add before we go?

Mims: No, I appreciate you stopping by.

KVNO: Thanks for joining me coach.

Mims: Thank you, Brandon.


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