Rangbrook Plays in the World of the Living


February 6th, 2014

Omaha, NE — Classical Music is alive and well, as two local music ensembles proved on Friday.


Friday evening, February 6th, the Rangbrook Ensemble presents a concert featuring music by living composers. Rangbrook founding member Sophia Potter says the ensemble wanted to do this for some time.

“People automatically think of playing a bunch of stuff by dead, European guys,” said Potter. “There’s a lot of great music by dead, European guys, but that’s definitely not the only stuff that’s out there. I think it’s really incredible just in the last 10-20 years what’s been composed. A Quartet of our Rangbrook players performing a set of three tango pieces by a Swedish composer named Mansoor Hosseini.”


The Rangbrook Ensemble

The Rangbrook ensemble will also perform music of local composers, including several selections by UNL alumnus Jonathan Crosmer.

“The thing that I love about Jonathan’s music, he has this wonderful understand about how to write a melody and how to really write beautiful music.” Potter said.

Also performing on this concert is Ensemble 768, consisting of UNO students. This is their director, Dr. Christine Beard.

“Ensemble 768 is a new contemporary music group that was founded at UNO in 2012. It was actually brought about by a group of students who really wanted to form a new music ensemble.” said Beard.

Ensemble 768 will perform music by fellow UNO student, Leanna Keith. The work is called “Redoubt” and is named after the volcano in Alaska which erupted in 2009.

“The volcano, when it erupted, emitted this horrible, screaming noise for miles around, and it’s the first time any volcano has actually produced a sound audible to human ears on that level.” Keith said.

However, Keith says people should expect more than just a screaming volcano.

“It sounds like it’s going to be cacophony and horror, but actually it draws upon that, but that’s not the whole of the piece.” she said.

The Rangbrook Ensemble and Ensemble 768 perform music by living composers this Friday February 7 at 7:30 pm in the Strauss Performing Arts Center. More information is available at rangbrookensemble.org.

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