Petite Musique Showcases Plenty of Piccolo


December 6th, 2013

Omaha, NE — Musicians are coming together in Omaha to hit the high notes – but what do you expect when they’re playing piccolo?

Horacio Massone

Horacio Massone

Last year the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Department of Music started it’s “Petite Musique” concert series, featuring chamber music by UNO faculty and guest artists. This Sunday’s performance features UNO’s Flute Professor, Dr. Christine Beard, pianist Stacie Haneline, and special guest, Argentinian flutist, Horacio Massone.

Both Massone and Dr. Beard will play a lot of piccolo. Massone says the repertoire for piccolo is growing out of necessity.

“Which is in progress, because for our instrument it’s not something really solid,” said Massone.

Dr. Beard says she chose the repertoire to match Massone’s strengths.

“He is just such an expressive player,” said Beard, “so this music is really meant to showcase what his, I think, best qualities are in playing which is just beautiful lyricism and really great expression.”

One new composition they are playing shows the softer side of the instrument.

“Echoes of Narcissus by for two piccolos and piano by Melvin Lauf, who is an American Composer. It really expresses the lyrical qualities of the instrument, rather than what you consider to be the typical, piercing sounds of the piccolo.”

Another work, “Return to Avalon” by David Heath, has both changing gears in the middle of the music.

“It’s just absolutely beautiful writing, and it goes back and forth. He will be covering the piccolo and flute part, and my part will be going back and forth between flute and alto flute.”

Dr. Beard also decided to highlight Massone’s theatre experience by choosing music based on popular operas.

“For example the Duo…big lover of that kind of music, I play in opera.” (H)

The next “Petite Musique” concert featuring Horacio Massone will be Sunday, December 8 at 7:30 pm in UNO’s Strauss Performing Arts Center.


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