Play Me, I’m Yours comes to Omaha


August 23rd, 2013

Omaha, NE – Jim Snyder is one of thousands of Omaha residents who will be able to stroke the keys on a number of pianos across the city as part of Play Me, I’m Yours.


Play Me, I’m Yours is an international art showcase that gives the public the chance to play the piano at public places. The interactive project was created by artist Luke Jerram and first appeared on the streets across Great Britain in 2008.

Omaha Creative Institute will place 10 pianos at locations throughout Omaha and Council Bluffs metro. The pianos were donated and local artists were chosen to design and decorate the pieces.

Natalie Shaw, development coordinator at Omaha Creative Institute, hopes these manufactured interactions will encourage people who usually don’t communicate or interact with each other to come together.

“You’re walking through the park and you see a piano and you see someone playing it so you sit down and you listen and then you end up talking to them,” Shaw said. “We’re hoping that it creates a better sense of community and an appreciation for the arts and music. We’re hoping that everybody loves it and wants it to happen again next year.”

Sally Reay, project manager of Play Me, I’m Yours, said Omaha’s large geographic area makes it a great location for the project. Omaha is the 36th city to participate in Play Me, I’m Yours, according to Reay.

“Encouraging people to meet and connect around a musical instrument is an ideal way to create a sense of community and to get people of different cultural, ethnic and age groups to get together to celebrate music and art.”

That’s exactly why Snyder came to the launch of the project at Memorial Park Friday morning. The 71-year-old Omaha native, has played the piano since he was five-years-old. He plans to entertain spectators at each Street Piano in the metro.

“I think everyone should do something with music to keep your mind and your soul right. When they say soul music to me it’s fact. I love this program. I’m so happy they’re doing it.”

Play Me, I’m Yours will be in Omaha August 23- September 8.

Click here for a list of locations.

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