Omaha Symphony and Youth Orchestra Go ‘Side by Side’


April 24th, 2013

Omaha, NE — Two local orchestras are teaming up this weekend for a concert that’s sure to be a hit (just ask the percussionists!).


This Sunday evening at 7 the Omaha Area Youth Orchestra’s “Youth Symphony” will have it’s annual side-by-side concert with the Omaha Symphony. The Youth Orchestra’s Music Director Aviva Segall points out the advantages to having the young musician play alongside the professionals.

“There’s really nothing like it. You have all the excitement of young musicians playing this repertoire for the first time, and the professionalism of the Omaha Symphony players, this is definitely not the first time playing it, they know the ins and outs of this repertoire and are able to share that with out musicians.”

You might imagine the Symphony musicians would take any difficult parts and solos, but Segall says this is not true.

“The Omaha Symphony musicians not only graciously allow the students to play the solos, they also give them so much advice. ‘Oh yeah, this solo, here’s the trick, here’s what you need to do with this solo’.”



The music includes Verdi’s “The Force of Destiny” Overture and Alberto Ginastera’s “Estancia,” a ballet about cowboys from Ginastera’s native Argentina. Also on the program is the Symphony No. 9 “From the New World” by Antonin Dvorak. Segall points out that while the music is certainly influenced by his experiences in America, this symphony is as much about his home as it is the New World.

“So this really Dvorak taking a look at the new world through an entirely Czech perspective, and writing a tremendous piece. There’s a reason this piece gets programmed all the time.”

This concert also includes an unusual feature: several selections just by the percussionists, led by J. B. Ferguson. Segall explains the decision to include a percussion ensemble.

“It’s really important for percussionists both to play in an orchestra – get the experience, counting rests, coming in exactly right – but having something more to play, working together as a team, and having some great repertoire to play.”

The Omaha Area Youth Orchestra’s Side-by-Side Concert with the Omaha Symphony is this Sunday, April 28, at 7 pm. The concert is at the Holland Performing Arts Center, and more information is available online at

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