Nebraska Wind Symphony Presents ‘Sousa Concert’


April 18th, 2013

Omaha, NE — Move over, Elvis, a “March King” impersonator is ready to rock Omaha this weekend.

This Sunday afternoon at three the Nebraska Wind Symphony presents a concert modeled after those directed by the “march King,” John Philip Sousa, complete with Sousa impersonator, Bob Foster. The Nebraska Wind Symphony’s Music Director Courtney Snyder says that Foster will do more than just conduct.

Sousa“He’ll be dressed like Sousa and he’ll actually be acting basically like Sousa did at the concerts. Sousa never really talked at his concerts, it’s not that he’ll give a tutorial about what these concerts were like. The whole goal is to be modeled strictly what these concerts were like after the turn of the 20th century.”

Maybe Sousa never talked at his concerts, but he often had a narrator. Serving in that role on this concert is Mike Kelley from the Omaha World Herald. Snyder say the music on the concert will consist of opera transcriptions, original works for band, and – of course – music written by Sousa himself.

“Certainly Sousa wrote lots of marches but he actually wrote a lot of other music as well. We’ll be playing some pieces that he wrote that original pieces, not marches, they’ll be plenty of marches as well.”
“We’re doing ‘Semper Fidelis’ which most people know, we’re doing ‘El Capitan,’ ‘The Thunderer,’ and of course ‘Stars and Stripes,’ you couldn’t do a Sousa concert without ‘Stars and Stripes.’”

The Nebraska Wind Symphony’s Sousa concert is Sunday, April 21st at three pm at Benson High School. More information can be found at

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