April’s Classical Kid – Meera Nair


April 11th, 2013

Omaha, NE — This month’s Classical Kid likes corgis and Tchaikovsky.


KVNO’s April Classical Kid is nine-year-old Meera Nair. Meera is in the sixth grade at Brownell-Talbot, plays violin in her school orchestra, and sings in the school choir. She plays in the Omaha Area Youth Orchestra’s “Honors Orchestra” and also played piano for 6 years.

Meera Nair

Meera Nair

“I like Burgmuller’s ‘Innocence’ from Op. 100, and Clementi’s “Sonatina No. 2’ I like the whole ‘Sonatina’, but I would say my favorite movement would be the first movement. I like pieces by Vivaldi, I especially like his special bowing. It’s tricky, but it’s fun to play!”

She also enjoys Chopin and Tchaikovsky.

“I feel that his ‘Swan Lake’ is very beautiful, and also I danced ballet before, so when I did the ‘Nutcracker’ I liked the music that was set for that dance.”

Ballet is not Meera’s only outlet for dance.

“It’s Kuchipudi, and it’s from southern India, and it is a very narrative, expressive, and rhythmic dance. One unique aspect of the dance is to dance on a brass plate.”
CUT 5 DANCE MUSIC: “You do it to the Indian Classical music called ‘Carnatic Music’, and Carnatic Music has “ragams” which are like your time signatures and “thalams” which are your rhythms.”

Meera listens to KVNO for the Metro Morning Mozart, which gets her ready for the day. Her favorite subject in school is reading.

“I like to read other books outside of school, sometimes write short stories, and also I like to play with my dog, Tiana. She’s a Corgi, we sometimes play soccer with each other.”

When she grows up, Meera wants to do important medical research. She has “sound” advice for other young musicians.

“Practice, but there’s something with that. You have to practice the right way, because practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent.”

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