Schmidt Using Music’s Power to Change Daughter’s Life


March 7th, 2013

Omaha, NE — Music’s power to change lives will be on display this Saturday in a benefit for baby Sage Schmidt.
A little over four months ago, Doran Schmidt was busy teaching music and preparing to welcome her new daughter, Sage into the world. But when the big day came for Sage to be born, Doran’s life as well as her daughter’s took an unexpected turn. Minutes after her birth, Sage was rushed away from Doran because she was experiencing seizures. After spending week in Intensive Care, doctors gave Doran a sobering diagnosis.

“They said that she may not be able to eat or think or walk. They basically didn’t know what kind of function she could gain. They didn’t say definitively that she won’t but they said they didn’t know how much she could do.”

Baby Sage Schmidt

Baby Sage Schmidt

Doran immediately began the search for ways to help her daughter develop her brain. After months of research, she came upon a treatment called the Anat Baniel Method. The Method is a science-based, breakthrough approach that focuses on the child’s brain and its remarkable abilities to change and learn. It’s designed to wake up a child’s brain to create new connections, often at a staggering rate, leading to spontaneous, often extraordinary breakthroughs in movement, thinking, self-regulation and connection with others. The goal is to help Sage enjoy her life to it’s fullest potential

“And she says that because i found the therapy so early in Sage’s life, you know she’s only 4 months old now. If I can get this therapy and continue to practice it on my own, Sage has a really good chance of maximizing what she can do and maximizing her potential in life.”

But the treatment and all the cost it entails is expensive so to help Pay the Way for Sage, Doran is using one love of her life to help the other.

“Music has been a big part of my life. My mom’s a music teacher. My dad’s a secret musician, you know one of those ‘tough types’ but he loves music too. I started singing and playing the French Horn, so it really shaped who I was as a young person.”

Doran has spent her time after college pursuing her love of teaching music. This weekend, she will showcase her own musical talents at the First Unitarian Church in a benefit to raise money for Sage.

“At the benefit I’m going to be playing several different styles of music. It’s all music that I feel is really powerful, really meaningful. I’m going to playing a couple of piano pieces, Chopin and Debussy. I also will be singing and playing some pieces that I’ve written. Some contemporary pieces, some jazzy pieces, some musical theatre pieces so there should be something for everybody. They’re all directed toward Sage and for healing, power, wisdom, and peace in the light of a great struggle”

Doran hopes that benefit will not only help raise money for Sage, but shed light on how powerful music can be.

“No matter what language you speak, or if you speak a language at all, you can hear music. Even you can’t hear music, you can feel it because it’s a vibration. We are vibrations. Everything is vibration. Everything is made of atoms and energy and that vibrates just the way music does. That’s why I think music speaks so powerfully to all of us because in some way we are music.”

No matter what life has in store for Doran her baby Sage, she knows that music will be an important part for both of their lives.

“You know people say ‘Oh, my daughter loves this!’ or ‘My son loves this!’ and it’s like ‘Well she really does!’ She does love music. The first time she smiled was on Christmas Day and it was when I was singing to her. I was sitting her up on my lap with some support and bouncing her and all of the sudden her face just broke into this grin. I about died, it was the best thing, the best day.”

For more information on the benefit for Sage Schmidt you can visit their Facebook Page at The Saving Sage Benefit and you can also find a link to their fundraising page here.

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