BSB Presents O’Neill Classic “Long Day’s Journey into Night”


March 5th, 2013

Omaha, NE — Tony Kushner called it “The greatest play ever written by an American, and one of the greatest plays ever.”
A tragedy that is a haunting, harrowing, but honest look into what it is to be family. Long Day’s Journey into Night has stood the test the time as being a timeless piece of theatre. Opening Thursday at the Brigit Saint Brigit Theatre, director Cathy Kurz took time to talk about the play, it’s past, it’s process, and it’s relevance to today’s America.

Jonathan Purcell and Brent Spencer

Jonathan Purcell and Brent Spencer

One of the first plays performed in BSB’s inaugural season 20 years ago, Kurz had to do more than tackle the daunting challenge of directing the play.

“And the night before our first readthrough, the woman playing Mary fell on the ice and shattered every bone in her ankle.”

The accident left the company with a hole that Cathy ended up filling along with her directing responsibilities.

“And so I never felt like I got to direct Long Day’s Journey and so when we were thinking about ‘Oh twenty years. What could you do?’ Sometimes it’s appropriate to do something you did in your first year.”

Fast forward to present day where Kurz is once again directing the O’Neill classic. But what is it about this play that still makes it relevant today?\

“When I say true, I mean it’s autobiographical, but that’s not what I mean by that. It’s fearless in rendering the complexity of the human heart and especially at it’s most intense in a family.”

From Left:  Brent Spencer, Jonathan Purcell, Delaney Driscoll, and Will Muller as the Tyrone Family

From Left: Brent Spencer, Jonathan Purcell, Delaney Driscoll, and Will Muller as the Tyrone Family

Perhaps O’Neill said it best when he said quote “At the final curtain, there they are… each guilty and at the same time innocent, scorning, loving, pitying, understanding yet not understanding at all… forgiving, but never able to forget…”

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