Anderson Reprises Role in ‘Bronte’


March 27th, 2013

Omaha,NE — The Blue Barn Theatre will host a remounting of the William Luce play Bronte starring Jill Anderson.

After a very successful run in 2011 at the Joslyn Castle, Jill Anderson will once again bring the soul of Charlotte Bronte to life, this time at the Blue Barn Theatre, in Bronte by William Luce. While the play is a one-woman show, Anderson asserts that it’s about more than just Charlotte herself.

“It’s really kind of an exploration of the lives of the famous literary Bronte family. That would be Charlotte Bronte, who wrote Jane Eyre, Emily Bronte, who wrote Wuthering Heights, and their sister Anne and brother Branwell, who wrote lesser works but were also notable literary figures.”

Jill Anderson as Charlotte Bronte

Jill Anderson as Charlotte Bronte

In the play, Charlotte returns home from the funeral of her last remaining sibling and begins life alone with her father in their remote North England parsonage. Throughout the play, Bronte reflects on the remarkable incidents, triumphs, tragedies and relationships that have brought her to the present moment, while also looking forward to her future. Charlotte Bronte’s essence and soul, Anderson says, is what drew her to the role.

“Charlotte was the sister that appealed to me the most because her mind and her literature have such a refinement, an unsentimental quality to the writing. All of her literary output, whether it be poetry, novels, journal and diary entries… her mind was incredibly unique. She a biting sense of humor, a great sardonic wit. She was atypical for women of her area, she was way before her time.

While the play’s words might be the same at the 2011 production, Anderson says that the change of location from Music Room of the Joslyn Castle to the more intimate space of the Blue Barn Theatre will have a unique effect on the show.

“Every space has it’s own essence. When you enter the confines of that space, it tells you what it needs and wants in terms of your performance. This is a theatre, so it’s very enclosed. It has a tightness to it, more of a cramped feeling, which in a lot of ways works psychologically well with this story because she’s coming home to a cramped situation in her life.”

Bronte will run a special engagement of 4 performances from April 4th-7th at the Blue Barn Theatre on 11th and Jones. Each performance will feature a Q&A with Ms. Anderson after the show. For ticket information call 402-345-1576 or visit

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