Loom Weaves 7th Annual Carnaval


February 14th, 2013


With its live Brazilian percussion mixed with samba, batucada, tropicale, funk and south-of-the-equator house music, Carnaval has become one of signature multicultural events at House of Loom. Loom started more than 7 years ago as a monthly event at Espana Tapas Bar in Benson and has since blossomed into its own venue in Little Italy across from the Burlington Train Station. Loom co-founder Brent Crampton spoke about how came into existence.

One of the Hot Tail Honey samba dancers at last year's Carnaval.

One of the Hot Tail Honey samba dancers at last year’s Carnaval.

“We decided early on we need to do some sort of Brazilian events and it was immediately met with a really wonderful reception. So we made it an annual thing for us to celebrate the Brazilian Carnaval out of all the different carnavals…I feel it’s the most flavorful, the most rhythmic, blasting with energy and it has annually been one of the biggest Loom events we do.”
In its first 4 years, Carnaval attracted a few hundred participants from the Omaha area. Most surprising for Crampton was in 2011 when the celebratory event was hosted at the now closed Nomad Lounge.

“We, you know, we were figuring we would get around four five hundred people, which was great for us. But we ended getting about nine hundred and everyone was just completely blown away it was just wonderful chaos.”

When asked what someone unfamiliar to Loom can expect from Carnaval, Crampton did his best to paint us a picture of the South American festivity.

“At the peak of the night you’re going to walk in and you are going to feel warmth and there’s going to be a mist in the air and hopefully you’ll be lucky enough walk in when we do the samba parade…with drums going and confetti poppers going off everywhere, lights flashing and there’s lots of Portuguese off to one side here and people laughing there and lots of movement.”

This year’s event will feature live samba dancers, decor from The Church of Tomorrow, live art by Gerard Pefung, and body painting with the intention, Crampton said, to immerse participants in a culture that may be unfamiliar to them.

“You know one of our basic tenets is to try and celebrate different cultures and in the process hopefully broaden other people’s horizons that aren’t familiar with that culture, turn them on to something new. And also whatever culture we are celebrating help bring those people that identify with that in to mix with the core group of people that follow Loom in general and hopefully maybe some new fusions, interactions, and relationships can come about from that.”

House of Loom’s Brazilian Carnaval is this Saturday located at 10th and pacific. For more information visit houseofloom.com or email [email protected]

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