Lindley says team taking it ‘one game at a time’


January 24th, 2013

Omaha, NE – The UNO women’s basketball team is currently 13-5 on the year following an impressive 83-39 shellacking of Indiana-Dabney this week. The Mavericks, who were picked to finish ninth in the preseason Summit League poll, are presently 3-3 in conference. Head Coach Chance Lindley has infused junior college talent and a transfer into this year’s team to add experience to a squad that finished 15-12 last year.

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Notable new players include, Oklahoma State transfer Carolyn Blair-Mobley who is averaging 12 points a game and shooting 38.5% from beyond the arc for UNO. Junior guard Ericka House is averaging nine points a game and has racked up an impressive 38 three pointers so far this season. Lindley says it’s important not to forget junior forward Casse Vaughn who averages seven points a game and creates mismatches in the paint. Lindley says those three players have helped build team chemistry.

Head Coach Chance Lindley has led UNO to a 13-5 record thus far this season. (Photo Courtesy UNO Athletics)

Head Coach Chance Lindley has led UNO to a 13-5 record thus far this season. (Photo Courtesy UNO Athletics)

“You know I think the testament to them (is) they’ve done a nice job,” Lindley said. “I think we kind of knew what we were still missing, as far as pieces to the puzzle. We tried hard with Carolyn, Casse and Ericka – you can kind of piece the puzzle but they have to mesh well as a team,” Lindley said.

“And I think they’ve done a really nice job. They get along really well, on the court off the court. They truly want to win games regardless of who starts (or) who doesn’t start. They are big on ‘the right player plays’, and accepting their role and going with it,” Lindley said.

Coach Lindley says he knew he had talent on last year’s squad. He singles out senior guards Paige Frauendorfer and Jaime Nash as two players who have made improvements from last year.

“I think as a senior everybody knows that (it) is their last go around,” Lindley said. “So I think every senior hopefully, they put a little bit extra time into it, because they know this is it for them as far as their college career goes. Also they’ve made some big jumps, last year yes they were juniors but they were freshman in a lot of ways. With a new system and a new staff it takes time to get used to a new defense a new offensive scheme of things. This year they are more comfortable, they know us, they know me, they know expectations, and I think it makes their job a little easier, with less pressure to be honest with you,” Lindley said.

Lindley says with ten games remaining he and his players are taking a ‘one game at a time’ mentality, but it is his team’s goal to win every game.

“Do we have a goal of winning ten out of ten? Sure, but so does everyone else in the conference too,” Lindley said.

“So realistically speaking, we are just going to try to win one game at a time and if we lose a few along the way we are going to try to pick ourselves up quickly and move on,” Lindley said.

Up next for UNO is two home games, one is tonight at 7pm against North Dakota State. The Second game is set for Saturday at 2pm against South Dakota State. Both games will be played at the Sapp Fieldhouse on UNO’s campus.

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