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December 18th, 2012

Omaha, NE – November’s Classical Kid is a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist.

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When it comes to one local young musician, one instrument just isn’t enough. “I have played piano for five or six years, saxophone for two years, and violin for three years,” said 12-year-old Daniel Fu, KVNO’s November Classical Kid.

Daniel Fu, 12, is KVNO's "Classical Kid" selected for the month of November.

Daniel Fu, 12, is KVNO’s “Classical Kid” selected for the month of November.

Daniel stays busy playing in both band and orchestra at Millard North Middle School. He also competed in the Nebraska Summer Music Olympics here in Omaha and has some advice for other young musicians. “(Really) practice as hard as you can and if you make a mistake just go back and play it again until you get it right,” he said, “and then right again, and then speed up.”

Daniel said he enjoys listening to a variety of music, including (of course), classical. “I listen to KVNO because because I really like listening to the composers’ way of conveying the emotion through the music,” he said. “I also like to listen to different styles of music to experience what it was like in the time.”

But music, Daniel said, is not his only passion. “My favorite subject in school is probably science because we get to do experiments, and also I want to be a doctor someday,” he said.

When he’s not in school or making music, Daniel said he enjoys watching “The Big Bang Theory” and reading Harry Potter. He also said he has made a name for himself on the basketball court. “My nickname on the team is ‘Money’ because I make most of my free throws,” he said.

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