Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night continues at the Joslyn Castle


November 27th, 2012

Omaha, NE – Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is being performed in the historic Joslyn Castle this month.

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Inside the stone walls of the Joslyn Castle in midtown Omaha, the classic story of triangulated lovers and the comedy of confusion is returned to the stage by Omaha’s Brigit Saint Brigit Theater. Cathy Kurz is the artistic director of the theater, which is now in its 20th year. It was founded to preserve and perform classic works, like Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, which Kurz describes as “good tales well told.”

Ashley Spessard (left) plays Viola in Brigit St. Brigit Theater’s production of Twelfth Night now showing at the Joslyn Castle. (Photo courtesy BSB Theater via Facebook)

“We are creatures of story,” Kurz said. “We love stories.” And the classics, Kurz said, are the very best stories we have. That sometimes takes convincing when people are first introduced to them on the page, say in school, she said, but that’s not what they were written for. “We sit in front of screens all day,” she said. “Our entertainment is screens. We’re used to clicking over in the middle of a television show or a film at home. So when you’re right there… ‘Good theater changes the molecules in the room,’” she said, quoting actress Glenn Close.

The live appeal of Twelfth Night is enhanced by its staging in the intimate setting of the Joslyn Castle. (Click the audio button above to hear scenes from the production) The actors perform on a small space that’s barely a stage, and move between the audiences bounding up stairs to transition from scene to scene. “The movement for the staging matches the pace of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night…it goes and goes and goes,” Kurz said. “People are up and down and in and out and all over the space…it’s a very exciting place to stage it.”

Kurz said she was lucky to nab such an accomplished ensemble for this production of Twelfth Night, which is the theater’s annual holiday performance. That’s a busy time for actors in the city, but the play is being staged around some of the busy weekend schedules with performances this week Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday night. Performances continue into next week, finishing up on December 6th.

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