Film: RZA film falls a couple fists short


November 9th, 2012

Omaha, NE – Here’s a phrase I never thought I’d say, what do people think about the new movie from director and rapper The RZA? From the Movieha podcast, Ryan Syrek and Matt Lockwood take a look at The Man With the Iron Fists.

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Ryan: When the first name of your director is “The,” you shouldn’t be expecting a thoughtful work of romantic fiction.

Matt: Pshaw! You can keep your foo-foo, I’ll keep my Kung-Fu and that’s exactly what The RZA delivers with The Man with the Iron Fists.

Ryan: What’s it about?

Matt: A man. And he has iron fists.

Ryan: Thanks for coming and goodnight.

The Man with the Iron Fists is directed by, and stars, The Rza, a hip hop artist and co-founder of The Wu-Tang Clan.

Matt: Set in Jungle Village, which if I’m not mistaken is somewhere near Lichtenstein, this film follows a blacksmith, played by Mr. RZA, who also wrote the film. He makes weapons for the various clans, all named after animals because, hey, why wouldn’t you name your clan after an animal?

Ryan: He wants out of Jungle City, but it just so happens that a shipment of gold is passing through, and everybody wants it, including a doughy Russell Crowe, a madam played by Lucy Liu, and everybody who can kick or hi-ya.

Matt: Set to the sounds of a hip-hop mixtape, The Man With the Iron Fists fuses two very different worlds that fit perfectly with one another, as the savage styles of fighting match the beats and samples of the music.

Ryan: Hey, who oversaw the music choices?

Matt: Why, The RZA.

Ryan: Is there anything he can’t do? Oh, yeah, he can’t act. Neither can Jamie Chung, who gives the worst damsel in distress performance I have ever seen. And I want you to think about how low the bar is for that.

Matt: Well, this wasn’t supposed to be an acting showcase. This was a glee-filled, violent homage to the chop-socky, bloody films of the 1970s.

Ryan: So why wasn’t it more fun? I’m with you in that I’m not going to blast it for the physics it defies or the lack of any, you know, actual story. But I never got sucked in and just enjoyed myself.

Matt: So you need more than murderous hookers and decapitations to be happy?

Ryan: I do. I wanted more kinetic energy, more goofy fun, and less…what am I looking for.

Matt: The RZA.

Ryan: Yes, less The RZA. It’s almost a good time, but it falls a fist or two short.

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