Ryan stumps in Council Bluffs


October 21st, 2012

Omaha, NE – Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan stumped in Council Bluffs Sunday.

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Speaking before a crowd of about 1,000 people outside Bass Pro Shops in Council Bluffs, Ryan came out swinging against the top of the Democratic ticket a day before the final presidential debate. Sounding a little hoarse from days on the campaign trail, Ryan told supporters President Barack Obama hasn’t laid out a vision for his second term. “He’s not offering anything new or any second-term agenda,” Ryan said.

“We’ve had three debates; we’ve had lots of campaigning, and all we’re getting is a smaller and smaller campaign.”

Congressman Paul Ryan rallied before about 1,000 people in Council Bluffs Sunday.

“You see, he can’t run on his record. He’s not offering anything new; he’s not showing where he would lead the country. But it’s not very difficult to see where it would go because it’s four more years of the same that we simply cannot afford.”

Ryan said what the President has promised in his next term is higher taxes and more spending.

“What we do know, without a shred of doubt, is that these young people on their parents shoulders in this audience are being consigned to a generation of debt, to a diminished future the likes of which we’ve never seen in this country,” he said. “What we do know is that it is within our own doing, the power of democracy, the power of our ballots, to make sure that that future does not occur by electing Mitt Romney the next President of the United States.”

The Congressman from Wisconsin emphasized his Midwestern roots on the stump. He said Iowa, which helped send President Obama to the Oval Office in 2008, has a “responsibility, opportunity and obligation” to change that course in 2012.

Ryan also gave a shout-out to the Nebraska Cornhuskers across the river incorporating a few football analogies in his stump speech – a reminder that both campaigns see Nebraska’s Omaha-based Congressional District vote as up for grabs.

The Obama campaign’s Iowa office held a press conference in response to Ryan’s visit. Iowa Treasurer Mike Fitzgerald and Massachusetts Mayor Joseph Curtatone attended. Curtatone served with Mitt Romney when he was Governor of Massachusetts. In a statement, he called Ryan “one of the most polarizing Republicans in Washington” who will rubberstamp the “extreme agenda” of Congressional Republicans. Romney will meet President Obama for a final debate tonight. The topic will be foreign policy.


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