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October 29th, 2012

Omaha, NE – Five instruments, an hour of practice, and athletics are all part of one young musician’s daily routine.

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Twelve-year-old Kyle Burke is KVNO’s Classical Kid for the month of October. He attends Central Middle School and his first instrument was the piano. His interest in music was, literally, a gift. “I got piano lessons on my eighth birthday,” he said in an interview with KVNO.

Kyle Burke

Being a pianist, it’s no surprise that his favorite composer was also a pianist. “I enjoy playing music from Schumann, and I like his song ‘The Merry Farmer’,” he added. Piano may be Kyle’s first instrument, but it’s not his only way of making great music. “Cello, violin, viola, and drums,” he said. “I like the whole sound of the orchestra coming together, and I like the sound of classical music.”

Kyle plays in the school band, orchestra, and in a string quartet. He spends as much time or more making music outside the classroom and practicing. “Like an hour to an hour 30 minutes every day,” he said. When he’s not making music, Kyle enjoys track, basketball, and computer games. When he grows up he said he’d like to be a musician, but he wouldn’t mind being a doctor. “I like science because right now we’re learning about cells and heredity and things like that.”

For Kyle, the highlight of music making is performing, and his favorite venue may be surprising. “The farmer’s markets,” he said, “because you meet a lot of fun people there and they stay with you for the rest of your life.”

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