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October 9th, 2012

Omaha, NE – One of the biggest events in Lincoln’s local music scene, Lincoln Calling, began nine years ago as a small festival featuring just a few dozen bands. But this year, the festival will take place over six days with performances from 125 bands in nine venues across the city of Lincoln.

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Some of the headliners include national performers like Wolfgang Gartner, a house music producer from California, Laetitia Sadier from Paris, France and Ivan & Alyosha, a folk-pop band from Seattle.

Ivan & Alyosha is a folk-pop band from Seattle, Washington. (Courtesy photo)

But the heart of Lincoln Calling is local music. The majority of the lineup hails from Lincoln and several are from Omaha.

In an interview with Damon Lee, a music professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Jeremy Buckley, founder of Lincoln Calling, said Nebraska’s local music community is supported by a network of people who work hard to keep it going. Those people include the musicians themselves and local nonprofits like Hear Nebraska, which supports and promotes Nebraska music.

“There are a handful of people in this community, whether it be like the Hear Nebraska crew that gets paid either nothing, or next to nothing, to really focus on Nebraska’s music scene,” Buckley said. “And they don’t make very much money doing their jobs. But they work really hard and they’re really passionate about what they do.”

“So we look at bands as ‘We’re doing all this hard work because we believe in what you’re doing,’’ he continued. “You have to believe in what you’re doing too, and if you don’t, you’re not going to last, so I’m not going to waste my time on you.”

To that point, Hear Nebraska, which is also a media sponsor of the festival (and kindly provided the audio for this story), collected a few pitches from bands in the Lincoln Calling lineup so they can work for their supporters and make their case directly. Here are a few samples:

McCarthy Trenching, Omaha

Classes, Lincoln

Flashbulb Fires, Denver

Lincoln Calling kicks off October 9th and runs through the 14th. Bands will perform at multiple venues, including Duffy’s Tavern, Zoo Bar and The Alley.

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