“Women in Performance” share experiences for Omaha Creative Week


September 5th, 2012

Omaha, NE – Women in the Omaha music and arts scene are coming together for a panel discussion as part of Omaha Creative Week. The women will share their experiences and hopes for the future of Omaha women in the arts. Lindsey Peterson sat down with panel organizer Sally Deskins and vocalist Jenna Morrison of The Conduits to talk about the roundtable.

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Lindsey Peterson: “I’m in the studio with mixed media and arts columnist Sally Deskins from The Reader. She is also the blogger for Les Femmes Folles, who is hosting a panel discussion to take place on Thursday. Also, joining us is Jenna Morrison, lead vocalist for local band The Conduits and she is slated to join the panel. How are you ladies?”

Sally and Jenna: “Good.”

LP: “So, Sally, first tell me what Les Femme Folles’s discussion will be about and why it’s needed.”

Morrison of The Conduits will be on the panel of women artists on Thursday night. (Photo credit Les Femmes Folles/DP Muller Photography)

Sally Deskins: “Well, this is the second one it’s Volume II of the Women in Performance roundtable that me, Les Femme Folles, which is the blog supporting women in art, is partnering with X-Rated: Women in Music the radio show out of Lincoln, and we are just having a discussion with some women musicians.

When you talk to women in music or when in art there’s sometimes frustrations with sexism inside the industry and also sexism outside the industry, and I think it’s really beneficial to get that out in the open and talk about it publicly, so it’s not a shameful experience and also figure out solutions to get that stuff out of the way and let your music shine.”

LP: “Jenna, what do you think is the significance of holding a panel discussion like this one?”

Jenna Morrison: “For me, I think it’s just really great for younger women, or women aspiring to perform or do arts, to see that other people are comfortable going out and talking about being a woman and being proud to be a woman and kind of backing each other up in a way.

Growing up we all are kind of inundated with all of these images of what we are supposed to be and who we’re supposed to be and I feel like there’s not a lot of really big ground support for that for women growing up.”

Sally Deskins of Les Femmes Folles is hosting the Women in Performance roundtable at House of Loom. (Photo credit G Thompson Higgins Gallery)

LP: “Sally, what are some of the things you’ll be talking about at this discussion?”

SD: “Well about, like I said before, have they experienced any sexism within the industry or outside? Do they feel like they get ignored by the media, not now, or do they feel like a certain article that was wrote about them was mostly about their dress or whatever? So, various experiences like that. How they handled it, maybe? And what they think for the future. Is Omaha a different place versus San Francisco or Dublin and how we can be more progressive and get more women’s voices heard?”

LP: “So Jenna, what’s in store for the Omaha arts and music scene? What are you most looking forward to?”

JM: “Lately, for me, in Omaha specifically, I feel like there’s like a boom in female artists and musicians and all of that and that’s really exciting right now. Personally, for me, right now that’s what I’ve been excited about.”

LP: “Women in Performance roundtable is taking place tomorrow night with a panel of eight local female artists and musicians at the House of Loom downtown starting at 7:00 p.m. Thank you, ladies.”

SD/JM: “Thank you.”

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