Fischer buffs up credentials in national spotlight


August 28th, 2012

Omaha, NE – Nebraska’s Republican Senate candidate Deb Fischer took the national spotlight for a few minutes at the Republican National Convention Tuesday. We checked in with Nebraska Watchdog’s Joe Jordan, who is in Tampa, Florida for the convention this week.

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Robyn Wisch: Joe, good to hear from you in Tampa.

Joe Jordan: Good to hear from you, Robyn.

RW: You’ve been watching speaker after speaker, I’m sure, as the convention had its first full day of events today. One of those speakers was Senate candidate from Nebraska Deb Fischer. She spoke very briefly and kept to pretty standard Republican themes. Let’s take a quick listen to an excerpt of her speech:

Deb Fischer gave a short speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday.

“I’m running for the U.S. Senate because I know that we can do better. I’ve been a senator in the Nebraska Legislature these past eight years. In Nebraska, we have an unemployment rate of only 4%. How did we get there? Well hey, we cut spending. We balance our budget every year, and we passed the largest tax relief package in the history of our state.” (To watch Fischer’s speech in full, click here)

RW: Joe, what was Deb Fischer’s main message on the floor today?

JJ: Robyn, I actually think the main message going into this speech was ‘Don’t make any mistakes. Keep it simple, keep it direct and don’t get into a situation where Bob Kerrey can come back and say, ‘She spoke at a national convention and made some horrible mistake.’ That’s what she wanted to accomplish and pretty sure she accomplished that. She didn’t make any mistakes. I will tell you though, in all fairness, this is a critique I have of both Republicans and Democrats when they talk about balancing the budget in their states. Unless I’m mistaken, and I don’t think I am, every state in the Union, in their constitution, you have to have a balanced budget. So to say you balanced the budget is a little bit of a fib, because you have to. It’s in every state’s constitution.

RW: The race between Fischer and her Democratic opponent Bob Kerrey is viewed as critical for Democrats and Republicans in the fall who are each hoping to gain or retain the majority in the Senate in November. Has Fischer been drumming up support from the party, making sure her ‘campaign coffers’ are ready for November?

JJ: Well, that’s probably more important reason she’s in Tampa than anything else. I know for certain there was one fundraiser held, and I think there were several more. I just haven’t been privy to that information. And we’ll know in a few weeks or the next month or so, how much money was raised at the convention. But that’s really why she came was to raise money. The two minute speech is nice. Most people obviously aren’t going to see it. I’m guessing the Fischer campaign might put it on their website, and what have you, forums like that. But for the most part, she’s in Tampa to raise money and get ready for the 70 days coming up after Labor Day till the election.

RW: The main event for the Republican National Convention, Governor Mitt Romney, has arrived in Tampa. He’s expected to speak Thursday night. Joe, thanks for your time today and we’ll check in with you again as the convention wraps up.

JJ: Thanks Robyn, take care.

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