Missouri poet laureate back in Omaha


June 14th, 2012

Omaha, NE – Nearly two dozen people spent their lunch hour with Missouri’s poet laureate this week.

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Missouri’s poet laureate, William Trowbridge, read several poems at the KANEKO-UNO Library. (Photo by Angel Martin)

The monthly event, Wednesday Words, recognizes award-winning writers from Nebraska. William Trowbridge grew up in west Omaha, and spoke at the KANEKO-UNO Library on Wednesday. Trowbridge was recently appointed Missouri’s poet laureate. He’s also the author of several books including Ship of Fool and Enter Dark Stranger.

(Click the audio button below to hear Trowbridge read a poem citing Omaha’s 60s-era Playland Park: “Wow.”)

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Trowbridge is also a professor at Northwest Missouri State. After the reading, he shared some writing tips. “Before you can write much,” he said, “you need to read a lot.” “People who write a lot and never write very well, it’s because they aren’t reading.”

The next Wednesday Words is July 11th at the KANEKO-UNO Library in downtown Omaha.

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