Major security breach at University of Nebraska


May 25th, 2012

Omaha, NE – The University of Nebraska has reported a major security breach in its student information system.

The four campuses of the University of Nebraska system are: UNO, UNL, UNK and UNMC. The entire system was impacted by a security breach this week. (Photo courtesy UNO)

In a press release late Friday, University officials said they are working with law enforcement to investigate a security breach into the Nebraska Student Information System, an electronic database that contains thousands of personal records of students, alumni and applicants at the four campuses of the University of Nebraska system.

The records include Social Security numbers, addresses, grades, transcripts, housing and financial aid information for current and former students, dating back to 1985. On Sunday, the university added NU employees and parents of students who applied for financial aid to the list whose records and personal information may have been compromised. Students with banking information associated with the database are being contacted and asked to monitor their accounts for suspicious activity.

According to officials, the breach was discovered late Wednesday by a university staff member, and shut down quickly. In the statement, NU information security officer Joshua Mauk said there is “no clear evidence that any information was downloaded.”

Mauk said the university is working with law enforcement to determine the extent of the breach and whether personal information was compromised. A forensics investigation is also underway through a private firm.

Data for the Nebraska State College system is also housed in the same database, but officials say that information does not appear to have been compromised.

The university has set up a website where the latest information on the investigation will be posted:

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