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May 30th, 2012

Omaha, NE – If you’re in the mood to buy some artwork, you may want to get in line.

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Queues of art lovers waiting to enter the Bemis' $100 Art Sale in 2011. (Photo courtesy Bemis Center)

“As soon as we open those doors, everybody runs downstairs to get the best pieces and take them off the walls as quickly as possible.”

Logan Seacrest, Communications and Events Manager for the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, is helping to ready the gallery for its annual $100 Art Sale. The event begins Friday, June 8 at 7:00pm, but according to Seacrest, if it’s anything like last year, people may be queuing to get in a lot earlier.

“People started lining up at 9am,” Seacrest said. “We had a couple bring a tent outside and kind of camped out on our docks all day long, so they would be the first ones downstairs.”

“It’s first come first served,” he said. “So whoever gets down there first has the first pick of whatever’s on the walls.”

The Bemis Underground's collection of about 200 original pieces will only be available for viewing when the auction doors open. (Photo courtesy Bemis Center)

About 200 pieces of original artwork by local and regional artists will be on display. Each piece has been donated by the artist, and its sale will benefit the Bemis Underground. That’s the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts’ downstairs counterpart, which is focused on regional and emerging artists.

“Let’s face it,” Seacrest said. “Good art can be really expensive. But at the Bemis Center, we feel like everyone should have a chance to purchase some really high quality art and start their collection in a way that doesn’t break their wallet.”

“This is an opportunity … to own a piece of original art and feel how exciting that can be.”

Seacrest said there are no lists and no previews. The first time art lovers will get to see what’s on display is when the doors open. That’s Friday, June 8th at 7pm.

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