ICAN Women’s leadership conference in Omaha


April 5th, 2012

Omaha, NE – Hundreds of people filled the CenturyLink Center for the ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference on Tuesday.

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The Institute for Career Advancement Needs, or ICAN, is a non-profit leadership development organization. On Tuesday, the group held its annual women’s leadership conference, which included an appearance by media icon Arianna Huffington.

The founders of FGI International, an Omaha firm which specializes in leadership development for the global economy, Tim Rouse and Carol Hunter, received an ICAN Legacy award at the conference. In his address, Rouse said it is important to value those who are different from us and value the greatness they bring.

“The healthy global economy of the future is one that has more than a single dominant player. It will have multiply strong players and our whole world is going to be much healthier because of it,” Rouse said.

“A global conversation” with ICAN Legacy award recipients (Photo by Angel Martin)

Other speakers at the conference included author and journalist Jeannette Walls, and Sue Korth, the COO of Methodist Women’s hospital. Korth said it is important to believe in one’s self and rise to the challenges whether it’s righting a wrong, leading a team, or even building a hospital.

“I’ve learned that at whatever point we may be in our personal or professional lives, we need to be true to ourselves and give 100 percent,” Korth said.

“As (women), we are all smarter and tougher than we think. As the going gets tough, as one of my colleagues says, we need to pull up our big girl panties and forge on,” she said.

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