Utah Ranch Hands in Nebraska


April 13th, 2012

Omaha, NE – Don Weller’s Utah Ranch Hands art exhibit is now on display at David City, Nebraska’s Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art.

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"A Tug on the Line," one of the paintings in Utah Ranch Hands collection. (Photo courtesy Don Weller)

TheDon Weller: Utah Ranch Hands exhibit is a collection of paintings depicting ranch hands, cowboys and rodeos. Amanda Gunther is the curator of the exhibit. She says the collection of 20-plus art pieces includes imagery of strong men and women caring for the land. Gunther said Weller uses water colors and paints with detail.

“He uses (water colors) to his advantage in areas that he wants to recede into the distance. He’ll do a wash of color or kind of like a splatter with a brush,” Gunther said.

“That gives the viewer the sense of space there without having to define and articulate each of that sense of space and detail,” She said.

Don Weller’s Utah Ranch Hands Collection is now on display through May 13th at the Bone Creek Museum in David City, NE.

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