Magical peaches at the Rose


April 30th, 2012

Omaha, NE – The story of James and the Giant Peach has come to life in a magical way at the Rose Theatre in Omaha.

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James and the Giant Peach runs through May 13th at the Rose Theatre. (Photo by Angel Martin)

At the Rose Theatre, just days before opening night of James and the Giant Peach, a thin tree that appears lifeless sits in the middle of the stage next to a giant peach. “We’re going from peaches that grow to peaches that glow,” said Erik Diaz, the scenic designer of the production, “to even a full size peach that the actors are able to climb in and around and on top of.”

Diaz continued to point out the dozens of different types of peaches that help tell the story of James and the Giant Peach. In this play, young James has to go live with his two horrible aunts, “Sponge” and “Spiker,” after his parents die in an accident. James is feeling all alone until he meets an old man, who gives him the ingredients for a magic potion that will make him happy.

“We kind of have to give the kids and the audience everything we possibly can right in front of their eyes,” Diaz said.

“They need to be able to see the magic that happens without knowing how we actually do it,” he said.

Susann Suprenant is the director of the play, which is based on the children’s book of the same title. She said when James trips, and the magical ingredients escape, this launches him on an adventure full of imagination.

“He really learns that he can rely on himself a lot more than he thought,” she said. “He doesn’t have to see himself as a victim. If he uses his imagination and tries hard, he’ll come up with solutions to his problems,” Suprenant said.

“I think that’s a good message for people of all ages,” she said.

James and the Giant Peach runs through May 13th at the Rose Theatre in downtown Omaha.

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