No Dogs Allowed!


March 8th, 2012

Omaha, NE – The children’s play No Dogs Allowed! hit the main stage at the Rose Theatre in downtown Omaha last week. Hundreds of kids packed the house for a school day presentation this week.

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No Dogs Allowed, is a story about a family road trip to “Enchanted State Park.” (Photo courtesy Rose Theatre)

Students from all across Nebraska filled the auditorium seats at Omaha’s Rose Theater to watch No Dogs Allowed: a story about a family road trip to “Enchanted State Park.” The family is about to drive off in their station wagon. But, before they do, the main character Iris, played by Hope Clark, has to decide if she’s going to take her pet dog with her or leave him at home at her parent’s request. (Click Listen Now to hear a scene from the performance)

In the end, Iris decides to sneak her dog on the trip. After getting lost along the way, the family arrives at the park. But when they do, they spot a sign that states: No Dogs Allowed!

Trevor, 7, from Trinity Lutheran School in Fremont attended the show. “I think the songs were pretty great,” he said. “There was lots of action.”

Anna, 9, also attended the play. She says she has a pet fish, and – inspired by the play – she hopes to get a pet dog one day. “I’d come back to the show,” she said.

No Dogs Allowed is now running through March 18th at the Rose Theatre in downtown Omaha.

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