Jazz vocalist brings vintage and modern sounds to Holland


March 27th, 2012

Omaha, NE- A jazz vocalist and her accompaniment have decided to make a stop in Omaha for a one-night only performance.

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Vintage style and sheer class could describe her rustic performances.

Tierney Sutton of the Tierney Sutton Band has been renowned for her ability to work fluently within both the old and new, the upbeat and the haunting.

The Tierney Sutton Band will be performing Friday, May 4 at the Holland Performing Arts Center in Omaha (Courtesy photo)

Sutton and her band have been predominantly known as jazz musicians, writing original works while covering well-known compositions in and outside of the genre. The group from California has also been acclaimed as masters of on-stage improvisation. A point Sutton touched upon in a 2008 interview with NPR.

“I think it’s just a sort of a visual,” Sutton explained. “There’s something that goes on in my brain where there’s placement. I have this idea of a structure that I’m trying to create in the moment and sometimes it manifests in me poking my fingers out!”

For the past 16 years, Sutton has fronted the band she still performs with today. It’s included pianist Christian Jacobs, bassists Trey Henry and Kevin Axt, and drummer Ray Brinker. The group has released 10 albums and garnered three Grammy nominations for “Best Jazz Vocal Album.” And according to Tierney, she hasn’t seen everything slowing down anytime soon.

“You know everyone’s got their own thing,” she explained. “Like my daddy said to me once a long time ago, ‘There’s always room for one more really good one of whatever it is that you do.’ This isn’t American Idol, this is the real world. There’s room for all of us to do our thing and enjoy it…And support each other.”

The Tierney Sutton Band will be performing Friday, May 4 at the Holland Performing Arts Center in Omaha at 8 pm.

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  1. Bill Starr says:

    I listened to the Tierney Sutton song via the Listen Now icon above.
    It’s great. Also great is the music playing after that song. What is it ? Thanks to Ben Bohall and anyone else putting the music out there. Bill Starr

    • admin says:

      Hi Bill,
      The song at the end of the story is a cover of a Miles Davis song called “Blue in Green.”
      Thanks for listening!

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