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February 16th, 2012

Omaha, NE – The Omaha Community Playhouse presents a classic musical with a “steampunk” twist.

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The Omaha Community Playhouse presents The Fantasticks now through March 18th. (Photo courtesy Omaha Community Playhouse)

The Fantasticks are now in Omaha, sharing their story of love on the main stage. One of the longest-running musicals of all time, The Fantasticks first played Off-Broadway in 1960. The story follows two fathers, who try to trick their daughter and son into falling in love, by staging a faux feud and keeping them apart.

The Omaha Community Playhouse has revived the production, with its own twist: a “steampunk” theme. Carl Beck is the artistic director at the Playhouse and he’s also directing the show. He said “steampunk” is a play on Victorian era style, also known as retro-futurism.

It’s takes a turn-of-the-century look or design and “punks it” or gives it a Sci-Fi, fantasy feel,” he said. “It takes the top hat, the goggles, the tailed jackets and that sort of thing and…it gives them a different, sort of edgier look.”

Beck said for this production, the “steampunk” represented a worldly view. He said the theme was embraced by everyone in the production, and the crew created costumes, props, and designed the set to flow with the songs, and acting. He also said they even invented a “steampunk” dragon.

“There’s a battle, an attempted abduction of the girl that’s contrived by the fathers, and generally it’s a very simple sword fight, almost a comical sword fight,” Beck said. “We started with a sword fight, but then we introduced a 12-ft-high dragon that literally breathes confetti fire.”

The Fantasticks is now running through March 18th at the Omaha Community Playhouse in central Omaha.

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