Anderson O’Brien enjoys new, fine art space


January 25th, 2012

Omaha, NE – Anderson O’Brien Fine Art Gallery is enjoying its new space in the Old Market, showcasing the work of regional artists with a fitting fine art venue.

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A piece in Karen Kunc's series, The Immeasurable, undulates along the wall. (Photo by Robyn Wisch)

“The piece down here that we have is an installation,” said Monica Yoo, a gallery assistant at Anderson O’Brien Fine Art Gallery in Omaha’s Old Market. Yoo showed me the gallery’s latest exhibit: The Immeasurable by local artist Karen Kunc. Pointing to a colorful print undulating along the wall, Yoo said this piece is set up like an accordion. “So it’s actually three dimensional, which is not normally how you see a lot of prints.”

Kunc, a well-known artist from the area, who’s exhibited internationally, typically works in wood-cut prints. And Yoo says this exhibit shows just how versatile that medium can be. “Her ability to work with scale, in this size,” Yoo said, “I think is pretty extraordinary.”

Two more pieces in The Immeasurable series. (Photo by Robyn Wisch)

Kunc is also a Cather professor of art and art history at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She created The Immeasurable series of bright and colorful prints during a sabbatical in Venice, Italy. Yoo says it’s a reflection on the immensity of water – from the waterways in Venice to the powerful flooding Missouri in the Midwest.

Kunc’s series is set against tall, white-washed walls, overlooked by an open warehouse-style roof. One sits in the middle of the gallery, with delicate paper pages flipped open like an oversized book. Others hang flat on the wall as large four by five feet prints.

Anderson O'Brien Fine Art Gallery has occupied its new Old Market space since 2010. (Photo by Robyn Wisch)

The gallery’s new downtown space, Yoo said, is a fitting venue for bold, large works of art.

“We have this sort of expansive wall space that allows the pieces to breathe and to have room to sort of be properly shown,” she said.

The Immeasurable runs through January 29 at Anderson O’Brien Fine Art Gallery. It’s the latest exhibit in the Anderson O’Brien space, which expanded from its original location in Countryside Village about a year and a half ago. The exhibit will give way to a new showing by New Mexico artist Kevin Tolman on February 3rd.

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