Omaha serves up some Verbal Gumbo


December 31st, 2011

Omaha, NE – Over the last several months Omaha’s arts scene has been getting a little spicy with bowls of Verbal Gumbo.

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Dani Cleveland performs before an audience at House of Loom. (Photo by Angel Martin)

“Dee-Jay Real” along with dozens of other people filled a dimly lit room at the House of Loom in downtown Omaha earlier this month. Poets with a variety of topics stepped to the microphone and performed spoken word pieces. An artist who goes by the name of “Epiphany” stepped to the mic and performed an original spoken word piece called Help Us:

“Our youth are so dead inside. Waking up only to want to go back to sleep. Wishing their harsh reality was simply a bad dream. Wishing their dreams weren’t hindered by what life seems to throw at them. I came to this world with something to give, but life circumstances have taken away my every motivation to live. Help us, but more importantly help us to help ourselves.”

Felicia Webster or “Withlove, Felicia,” as she’s known, is one of the organizers who hosts the show.

The next Verbal Gumbo is scheduled for Jan. 19 at the House of Loom in downtown Omaha. (Photo by Angel Martin)

Webster is a native of Omaha, who spent some time on the East Coast. She said she had the opportunity to connect with the big city art scene there. And she decided she wanted to bring that back home. Since September, she’s been working with other local artists to make that happen. Webster said Verbal Gumbo gives all artists a chance to freely express themselves.

“We’re all about promoting and empowering artist of all facets aside from the foundation of poetry,” she said. “Art is historical as far as who we are. It leaves trends, and it leaves and permeates history.”

After the spoken word session, singer Dani Cleveland performed, and local fashion designers presented some of their work.

The next Verbal Gumbo is January 19th at 7:30pm at the House of Loom in downtown Omaha. The event will honor civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in celebration of King’s birthday.

2 Responses

  1. Stanley Carter says:

    With Love Felicia, is a friend and I am SOOOOO proud of her, and feel blessed by her artistic ability along with her accomplishments, but most of all her work with young people, that is what has inspired me the most and I know she holds most special!

  2. davina' says:

    YAY FEE!! It’s soo important that we return home and share all the gifts and skills we acquired while working in other parts of the world. So happy you’re continuing to work with youth, pursue your craft and build community!! You are so very gifted and it’s necessary for others to see it and be provided with space and opportunity to also share and shine!! keep up the excellence!!

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