Film: Mission Impossible ignores physics, awesomely


December 23rd, 2011

Omaha, NE – Looking for some escapist relief this holiday weekend? The Reader’s Ryan Syrek and Matt Lockwood from the Movieha podcast have this review of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

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Ryan: Are you a fan of the laws of physics?

Matt: I don’t mind inertia, but gravity is a harsh mistress.

Ryan: Well, if you’re willing to overlook some Newtonian principles, I have a mission you may choose to accept.

Tom Cruise stars in the latest Mission Impossible saga, "Ghost Protocol."

Matt: That’s right, Ethan Hunt is back in Ghost Protocol, as Tom Cruise once more plays the superspy with crazy skills and a luxurious and flowing semi-mullet. This time, his team has been blamed for a terrorist act, and he must buddy up with Jeremy Renner in order to stop a madman from starting World War 3. And he’s gotta look cool doing it.

Ryan: Director Brad Bird, who absolutely killed it with Iron Giant and The Incredibles, two of the best animated movies in the history of ever, makes a whiz-bang debut into live action here. Gone are the overly complicated double and triple crosses, and here to stay are the physics-ignoring epic action set pieces that are kinetic balls of awesome.

Matt: It’s clever if not smart, and is linked together effortlessly by a series of performances that function on charm more than nuanced talent. This is how we like our boy Tommy Cruise, running away from blowing up and not talking very much.

Ryan: Exceptional action movies are almost operatic, as they work on such a primal level that what’s actually being said takes a backseat to the way it makes you feel.

Matt: There is a beauty to the violence, a grace to the explosions, a certain je ne se qua to the gunfire.

Ryan: You may be overselling it a wee bit.

Matt: Right. How’s about I just tell you it’s a durn good time.

Ryan: I’ve got your back on that one, buddy.

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