Trio paints the town blue with rock n’ roll


December 27th, 2011

Omaha, NE – The Orpheum Theatre in Omaha will soon be welcoming a popular trio who are just as well known for their off-the-wall stage antics as their thunderous sound.

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The Blue Man Group will perform at the Orpheum Theater Jan 17-22. (Photo courtesy Omaha Performing Arts)

So picture this: the lights have gone dim, the anticipation of a captivated audience has begun to build. Out walk three musicians to a wild applause. Without uttering a single word to the audience, they allow the buildup of the music to speak for itself. To top it off, they’re covered in blue paint and wear matching, flat-black attire.

They’re called the Blue Man Group, and they’ve made quite a stir internationally with their unorthodox on-stage presence and eclectic musical style. That has included incorporating the likes of unique instruments like the drumbone: an instrument that has used Poly Vinyl Chloride and PVC piping to create an amalgamation of percussion tones and trombone sounds.

Their creativity has been equally matched by their success. Since the group’s inception in the late 80’s by members Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton, the band has found relative success- even garnering itself a Grammy nomination in 1999 for Best Audio.

The Blue Man Group will perform January 17th-22nd at the Orpheum Theatre in Omaha.

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