Dundee neighborhood named one of America’s top 10


October 18th, 2011

Omaha, NE – Omaha’s Dundee area was recently named one of America’s best neighborhoods. For this week’s KVNO in the Community report, Angel Martin went inside the neighborhood to find out just what makes this community special.

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The Dundee neighborhood was built in 1880, and annexed by the city of Omaha in 1915. It is known as one of the city’s first suburbs. And, last week, a new title, one of America’s 10 best neighborhoods, was added to the list.

Mayor Jim Suttle stands with past and present Dundee neighborhood association leaders. (Photo by Angel Martin)

“My congratulations to all the businesses, all the investments that have been made here, neighborhood leaders past, present and future that have put their heart and soul into making this neighborhood such a great place,” said Mayor Jim Suttle at a ceremony celebrating Dundee’s newest honor. Standing in front of the Dundee Dell, he sported a white t-shirt that read: “I heart Dundee.”

At the celebration, Suttle was joined by several other city officials including city council members Pete Festersen and Chris Jerram. Bruce Knight is the immediate past president of the American Planning Board, the group recognizing Dundee. He said great places stand out for a number of different reasons.

The Dundee clock tower marks the entrance to the area’s downtown. (Photo by Angel Martin)

“Dundee Memorial Park meets many of these criteria and others because of the neighborhood’s unique sense of place, interesting and historic architecture, and the commitment of residents and businesses here to protect those qualities and attributes that make it a great neighborhood,” Knight said.

Lannie McNichols is a longtime Dundee resident, who returned to her childhood home, where she lives today. She led one of the first Dundee neighborhood association groups.

“We’ve been at this for almost 50 years, she laughed. So yeah, it’s wonderful!”

McNichols said there are many facets that make the neighborhood special.

Lannie McNichols her daughter Elizabeth, and husband Larry attended the celebration. (Photo by Angel Martin)

“Well I think its home,” she said. “It’s a broad range of experiences; there are some people who are very highly educated, there are some who are not as highly educated. There are some who like purple houses…I guess, once in a while we have one of those. It’s a mixture, and people from all over come to Dundee.”

McNichols said her group has fought to maintain a sense of community over the years, but as the city around it keeps growing, she says the work will never stop.

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