Blue Barn’s “Bug” filled with paranoia, absurdity


October 20th, 2011

Omaha, NE – The Bluebarn Theatre opens up its 23rd season with the serio-comic psycho-thriller play “Bug.” The artistic director for the theatre along with an actress from the show invited KVNO News to be a “fly on the wall” and talk about “Bug.”

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The stage has been set, as what appears to be a motel room, at the Bluebarn Theatre for the play “Bug.” Kim Gambino is an actress from New York and plays the main character, Agnes White, in the play.

“The play opens up with my character just standing in the doorway,” White said. “For a full two minutes, just standing in the doorway of the motel room smoking a cigarette. She’s come home from a long day of cocktail waitressing. Then, slowly things start to happen, bit by bit by bit.”

Kim Gambino is an actress from New York who plays the main character, Agnes White, in "Bug." (Photo courtesy Bluebarn Theatre).

Gambino’s character Agnes is a lonely waitress with a troubled past and is also a drug user. Her lesbian co-worker introducers her to a peculiar man named Peter and they start a romance. Gambino says this well-written play by Tracy Letts makes the audience think – taking people on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

“We figured out the characters, what they want, what’s going on in the scene and what happening. And, then (we actors) layered in the drugs, and the paranoia, and the absurdity of certain moments.”

Susan Clement-Toberer is the artistic director with the Bluebarn Theatre. She said Gambino was just the right person to breathe life into Agnes. Clement-Toberer said they produce shows like “Bug” to provoke thought, emotion, action and change from the audience.

“It is truly a thriller, and a piece that you don’t know what real and what’s not,” she said. “It’s very psychological in nature.”

“Bug,” is now on the main stage at the Bluebarn Theatre in Omaha’s Old Market through October 23rd.

This performance is intended for mature audiences, and contains nudity and adult language.

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