Government Inspector comes to Omaha


September 29th, 2011

Omaha, NE – A government inspector is coming to check out this town – starting by hitting the University of Nebraska Omaha’s theater.

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“Ta-tat…bud-dap” tap-tapped Dr. Doug Paterson, to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel. And with one sudden swoop of an out-of-place, high-pitched “bud-dap,” he explained what makes a story funny.

The Government Inspector opens at UNO Friday, September 30th. (Photo courtesy UNO)

“And all of sudden we start to laugh,” he said. “Because, the mechanism is in play, we’re beginning to hear what this “bud-dap” is going to be all about. That’s what a story does. It sets up these surprises…that catch us by surprise and we laugh.”

Paterson is the director of UNO’s latest production, The Government Inspector. It’s a comedy about human greed and political corruption set in Imperial Russia, and originally written in 1836 by Nikolai Gogol. The UNO production will bring to life an adaption by Jeffrey Hatcher. And in this production, the characters remain the same but the story is set right here in Omaha, in the 1860’s.

Patterson said this riverfront town used to be called a “dirty, wicked city.” And in the play, many character names are based on some historic people from Omaha, like Tom Dennison, an infamous political boss. (Click Listen Now to hear a rehearsal scene from the play)

A preview performance will take place Thursday at 7:30pm in UNO’s Weber Fine Arts building. The show opens Friday night and runs through October 15th.

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