Princess Lasertron readies for Omaha Fashion Week


August 22nd, 2011

Omaha,NE – Fashionistas and fashion designers alike will strut their stuff downtown this week in the third annual Omaha Fashion Week. KVNO News caught up with one of those designers last week for a sneak preview of their newest clothing line.

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Designer Megan Hunt, 24, is the brains and seamstress behind the evolving brand, Princess Lasertron. In its beginnings, Princess Lasertron started with just Hunt and her custom, hand-crafted felt bridal bouquets and has seamlessly transitioned into a multifaceted business with bouquets, accessories, dresses, classes and blogging. Hunt now also owns an innovative co-working space called CAMP, located in the trendy refurbished Mastercraft building in North Downtown. CAMP houses other entrepreneurs, her office, her dress line, her bouquets, her employees and interns and her endless can-do attitude.

But on this particular Wednesday night, standing on top of a chair backstage, Hunt addresses a group of attentive models who are ready to dress up in her latest fashion line for Omaha Fashion Week. The models sit listening attentively, all with beautiful come-hither curls and thick, wing-tipped eye liner, all reminiscent of late 1960’s bombshells.

The latest line by Princess Lasertron was inspired by Megan Hunt's daughter, Alice. (Photo by Jenny Mickeliunas)

As the models prepared backstage, a fashion-oriented crowd gathered at one of downtown Omaha’s newest bar-slash-performance venues, House of Loom, for a preview of Hunt’s line. Patrons, friends and family socialized around the bar, snacking on cupcakes, cookies and cocktails. And soon, with her young daughter Alice in tow, Hunt addressed the crowd.

“My inspiration for the line was the thought of being a little girl and growing to be the woman you always wanted to be when you were little. And that’s kind of inspired by my daughter, Alice, who is here,” said Hunt.

A few minutes later, the show began. Models twirled and strutted in their Princess Lasertron dresses through the crowd of onlookers.

Dresses were structured, some with A-line silhouettes and waists cinched with chunky belts fastened with a girly bow; another dress, a black, curve-hugging piece with a double v-neck worn by a sassy red-head; and as a finale, a knee-length, flirty, white bridal dress.

Omaha Fashion Week is a six day fashion festival in its third year in the metro. Hunt’s Princess Lasertron line is one of dozens to be showcased on the runway at Nomad Lounge downtown this week. Hunt says Omaha is an unassuming home for fashion and for its very own Fashion Week.

“If I was maybe on the coast in like L.A. or New York, or even Portland or Miami, or somewhere with maybe a bigger fashion week, those people already have a standard,” Hunt said. “But here in Omaha, we’re kind of operating in a vacuum almost. We don’t need to know what’s going on the coast. People in Omaha don’t have a lot of prejudgments.”.

Megan Hillabrand is a friend of Hunt’s and also helped work on the fine details of the line. A fellow seamstress, Hillabrand agrees with the sentiment that Omaha is a good place for fashion.

“There’s a lot of people who really care about the arts in Omaha and fashion in particular, there’s a lot of designers here and a lot of really good designers,” said Hillabrand. “…and so I think Omaha, the arts crowd that cares about it and the designers, really matched up, and it’s just become a fabulous thing.”

And according to Hillabrand, it is and will continue to be a distinctly Midwest thing. “It’s a confidence that we have here in the Midwest, and it’s something that grown over years, and I think it’s something that’s going to flourish and continue to get better and better.”

As for Princess Laserton and her path after Fashion Week, she said, “I have some ideas of what I’m going to be doing next, but who knows. Who really knows what the universe is gonna throw at me. I’m game. Hey world, I’m game–throw it at me.”

Omaha Fashion Week kicked off Monday night at Nomad Lounge in the Old Market and will run through Saturday. Megan Hunt and her Princess Lasertron line will take the runway Thursday night.

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