Eclectic Visions opens at Artists’ Cooperative Gallery


August 10th, 2011

Omaha, NE – From wood cut figures to surreal oil paintings, a mix of local artists’ work is on display this month at the Artists Cooperative Gallery.

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“The exhibit shows four different ways that people look at the world,” Artist Virginia Ocken said as she described the mix of talents on display at this month’s Coop exhibit.

Ocken said, “We all have color, we all have texture, we all have shapes, we all have feelings behind our works of art.”

Pieces by the featured artists of Eclectic Visions

Ocken is one of four artists with work on display. The others include local artist Dona Golden. Golden has been a member of the Coop for about 20 years. She creates large watercolor abstracts, along with linoleum and woodblock prints. Her imagery is abstract, with embellished representations of nature. They also include the human figure – a favorite of Virginia Ocken, who concentrates on the human form in her own work.

“Scenery and flowers and still life just don’t have any appeal to me,” said Ocken. “When I start drawing the figure, they’re just very interesting shapes that I see and find. I try to look for unusual perspectives. I guess I really love being and working with the shapes presented in front of me.”

Ocken uses a variety of media in her work – from watercolor on paper to dyes on silk. Duane Adams, is from Griswold, Iowa, and one of the Artists’ Coop’s earliest members. Adams works in two and three-dimensional media, creating pencil drawings, oil paintings and ceramics – of surreal explorations and naturalistic portraits.

Ocken said, “He’s kinda played with shapes, you know there might sections of a face, sections of a scenery, and sections of another face within one piece of art.”

The final artist, Carol Ellington is from Plattsmouth, NE. She uses patterns, texture and contrast in her prints. In her artist’s statement, Ellington said printmaking presents the “ultimate challenge” being “open to many possibilities and interpretations.” She added the observation and study of art has helped her understand “the emotion and life in a piece of art,” helping her direct her own passion into her work.

Eclectic Visions is now on display through August at the Artists Cooperative Gallery in Omaha’s Old Market.

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