Debt deal settled, Nebraska vote split


August 3rd, 2011

Omaha, NE – While Congress finally approved a compromise debt deal Tuesday that will raise the nation’s borrowing limit, Nebraska’s delegation was split on the vote.

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All four of Nebraska’s Republican Congressmen voted for the deal, which was, in large part, a compromise between the White House and House Republicans. Nebraska’s lone Democrat, meanwhile, Senator Ben Nelson, voted against it. In his weekly column, Nelson said the deal does not provide “certainty” for businesses or the economy, and ensures the debt debate will continue into next year. Nelson said the plan “sets up a maze of convoluted procedures that will only continue chaos and political games.”

Speaking from the Rose Garden, President Obama thanked the American people for reaching out to their elected officials during the debate (Photo courtesy White House)

In his weekly conference call with reporters, Senator Mike Johanns said the deal is a start in the right direction.

“Finally, two and a half years into my time here, I actually get to vote on a plan that has some significant reductions in spending,” Johanns said. “And, to me, that’s very, very important, but it can’t stop here.”

Johanns said the deal doesn’t go far enough, and it won’t guarantee the nation’s debt rating won’t be downgraded.

Representing Omaha in the House, Congressman Lee Terry, said he voted for the bill because the conversation in Washington has changed “from one of spending to one of cutting.” The deal was quickly signed into law by President Barack Obama. It cuts over $2.1 trillion in government spending – primarily from defense and domestic programs – not including entitlements. And it sets up a committee to make further deficit reductions later this year.

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2 Responses

  1. Jade says:

    Ben Nelson voted against this bill so that he could say that he did when he runs for reelection…remember nebraska voters…he helped put us in this mess!!!!!

  2. 9th ID says:

    Ben Nelson can whine all he wants, but he hasn’t come up with a budget in over 800 days and has voted for EVERY major deficit spending increase from Obama. $5 TRILLION in new deficits in just 2 1/2 years! Ben also forgot to mention that he cut $500 out of Medicare under ObamaCare, so his new found love for seniors is laughable! Nebraskans must never forget Ben Nelson’s infamous Cornhusker Kickback…

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