“Becky’s New Car” drives into Omaha


August 18th, 2011

Omaha, NE – Becky’s New Car, the story of woman on a journey to test drive a new life, hits the main stage at the Omaha Community Playhouse August 19th.

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The stage has been set for Becky’s world. At a recent dress rehearsal at the Playhouse, Becky walked onto the stage, and into her disheveled living room. Cleaning up after her family, and talking to the audience about her friend Rita, who passed away last year, she announced, “When a woman says she needs new shoes, what she really wants is a new job. When she says she needs a new house, she wants a new husband, and when she wants a new car, she wants a whole new life.”

During the reheasal of "Becky's New Car" actors prepare for the second half the show. (Photo by Angel Martin)

Becky’s New Car takes place in modern-day Seattle. It’s the story of Becky, a wife and mother who works at a car dealership. “Thank you for calling Bill Buckley, Lexis, Saturn, Nissan, Mitsubishi, home of the 50,000-mile smile,” Becky recites. “This is Becky. How may I direct your call?”

Local actress Kim Jubenville plays the leading role, and is joined by seven other local actors. The production is filled with twist and turns, pulling the audience in like a comedic soap opera.

“What is unique about it is that there’s some really fun and unique audience interaction,” said Amy Lane, the director of the play. “So, the character of Becky talks directly to the audience throughout, while she’s telling the story, and she interacts with them,” even bringing them up on stage.

Lane added, “Most of the time, actors are on the stage, and the audience remains in the audience, but this time, the lines kind of blur, and it’s really funny.”

The stage has been set for Becky’s world at the Omaha Community Playhouse. (Photo by Angel Martin)

The play was written by Seattle playwright Steven Dietz. Dietz was commissioned by Seattle resident Charlie Staadecker to write the play for his wife Benita’s birthday, Lane said. The Staadeckers will be in Omaha for the production the second weekend of the show.

“Since that original production in Seattle, the play has been performed across the United States,” Lane said. “They’ve (Charlie and Benita Staadecker) been to every single production of it. We’re number 19, and as Benita says, we’ll get welcomed into the Becky family.”

Becky’s New Car opens Friday, August 19 at the Omaha Community Playhouse, and runs through September 18th.

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