Proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare has AARP on edge


July 7th, 2011

Omaha, NE – During a public meeting at a senior center in South Omaha Wednesday, local AARP representatives assured a group of about 200 people that they will keep fighting against proposed cuts to senior benefits.

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Local AARP representatives assured a group of about 200 people that the organization will fight to protect Medicare and Social Security. (Photo credit Wikimedia)

In order to reduce the national debt, Congress is considering some major cuts to Medicare and Social Security benefits, which has some senior citizens worried about their financial future. About 200 people attended a meeting organized by the American Association of Retired Persons, or AARP, in Omaha Wednesday. The meeting was described in a release by AARP as a “field hearing on harmful cuts to Medicare and Social Security that Congress is considering as part of a deal to pay the nation’s bills.”

Mary Angus attended the meeting, and said she gets Social Security disability insurance, and that she can’t survive on less. “I spent 15 years living with my parents,” she said. “They bought the food, they paid the rent. I’m trying to pay some of that back.”

“If I didn’t have Medicare, if it didn’t cover me in some way shape or form, I’d be in big trouble,” Angus added. “There’s no way I could make it.”

Several local AARP representatives were on hand to answer questions. Lloyd Peddleten Jr. is the Omaha Vice President of the AARP.

“Something that our seniors citizens value the most is their income.” he said. “They’re not going to be here forever, and they want to enjoy life….without the income that they’re entitled to, some people won’t be able to do it.”

Organizers say people need to make sure their elected representatives in Congress fully understand how cuts will affect the seniors in the Omaha community, the state of Nebraska and throughout the country.

14 Responses

  1. Eva Simpson says:

    I have to continue to work at 68 to pay for my medication and Dr. visits. Medicare does not even cover my rent, car, car insurance, phone, in the State of NJ. We are asking that you do not have any medicare cuts for seniors and especially seniors that cannot work. How can you do this to seniors? Remember you will be one someday! It is such a shame that seniors have to worry at this point in their life about financial security. Please do not do this to US.

  2. R. Donovan says:

    Seniors are the block that voted in these savages republicans)in 2010.
    They are getting what they deserve.The only problem I have at age 62 is that I voted for the right people and I will be punished as well.
    There are consequences to elections and voting.
    Maybe the next time seniors will leave their collective bigotry aside ,whether it is a black President, abortion,or Gay rights and vote in their own self interest.

  3. Sherry Curtis says:

    Social Security and Medicare does not belong to the government, it is the American citezen’s retirement. If it is taken away by the government, even in small percentages, it falls into the catagory of theft. I am completely against their tapping into or steeling any part. Thank you for the opportunity to express the truth. I will never support AARP in any area, if they support this.

    • J Toland says:

      Most American citizens have paid in to both SS and Medicare. It is, at least to me, so obvious that the SS money to be received in retirement and access as it now exists to Medicare is simply “paying back” what was deducted from thousands of retirees. Those funds DON’T belong to the government which needs to control spending or find other avenues of revenue. I agree that it is theft if any portion of SS or Medicare is taken away. Don’t harm the elderly and those who are on SS and medicare.

  4. Corina Provencio says:

    Maybe if the WH quit its spending and cut down on it’s “employees” receiving six-figure incomes the monies would’ve been there. And I trust the AARP about as much as I trust this administration!

  5. John Smith says:

    Why not to cut government workers pension plans, and their medical coverage first, and at the same time extend number of years they need to work to earn that? They get that in addition to the Social Security benefits. Therefore, cutting Social Security benefits doesn’t affect them as much as everyone else.

  6. Russ E says:

    Government is too big… big salaries, big war spending (1 million per soldier deployed per year), bailouts to the rich, subprime mortgage meldown, quantitative easing – all theft from the American people… the list goes on. Cutting Social Security or Medicare… nope, not going to happen on my watch – I respect the senior citizens that have helped shape our country too much to allow that to happen. The first place to start cutting is with the military industry. Of course we need to start locking up the white collar criminals instead of just fining them, or enabling them, etc. The disparity of wealth between the rich and poor is at an all time high… and getting higher. The rich are getting richer, and poor poorer, the rules are made by the rich for the rich – pretty simple and very wrong. Raising taxes on the rich and making sure everyone is paying their fair share of taxes would help.

  7. Myra Ashbrook says:

    Most of us including myself receive a very small social security check. I have been living below poverty level for over 10years as many others.If it is taken away we will lose everything,even our lives. Those people that are surviving from Social Security and medicare will not be on this earth for a very long time. Do not take away from us all we have left to keep us going. Those that are taking what we have left to survive should put themselves in our shoes. All of this is frightening. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING PLEASE. All of us have worked for many years to depend on social security retirement. Those that are disabled depend on it as well. Same as stealing from those that had put the money there from S.S. payments. from working to do so. Do not take away the remaining years of our lives. Let us keep our dignity and trust in the system.

  8. Myra Ashbrook says:

    I have been surviving on Social Security for many years. I have been living below poverty level as I am sure many others are.We all barely get by. Some are disabled some are retired. We that have worked paid social security during that time for our retirement. Now you want to take it away. In my opinion, same as stealing our money. Most of us have little time on this earth. We are all devastated from all of this. Was not enough to take away our raises for the past 2 years. as everything has gone up to the point we have to do without. Most will everything they have, even their lives. They give up on our system. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Do not take away from all of us that have struggled most of our lives. At this point we are losing faith in our system. Do not let this happen. Give us something to live for. Those that are doing this could probaly care less as they will be living VERY well. Their day will come. What happens to their sick and elderly? I am asking you not to do this. Give us hope, as this all we have left.

  9. boop47 says:

    The government does not care about its senior citizens. As for as they are concerned, the sooner we die off the better. We are too expensive for them to maintain as we get older. And proper medical care can keep us around longer. So they want to deny us that medical care allowing us to die off sooner, thereby relieving them of ‘our burden’. They do not care. They are making mega bucks as politicians and have the security not to have to depend on the medicare and social security systems.


    If the politicians can fix it so people will die at 70 or so instead of maybe 80 plus, then the government could be saving 10 years of benefits per senior. That I am sure would be considered a substantial amount.


    This mostly applies to the majority of seniors that rely on SS and medicare. Those of us who are not wealthy and struggle to survive with what we do get. I am sure there are some seniors out there that have enough financial means that they do not have to rely on SS and medicare, and I think that is great. Unfortunately most of us fall in the first category.


    That is it in a nutshell. The longer we are around the more it will cost the government. This whole situation is frightening.


  10. Rudy P. says:

    Does anyone really think that congressional members really care about what happens to us? Their main goal is to eliminate anything that gets in the way of corporate America making record profits, things like the 7.65% Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA tax) corporate America is obligated to pay on behalf of their employees; the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) so corporate America can pollute when or wherever they want; the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) so corporate America isn’t held to such stringent regulations on the food we eat or the medications we take; and the minimum wage for workers here in America. This is all being done in the name of “jobs”, so I ask anyone reading this to put your political party’s ideological beliefs behind you and serious look at who is holding America hostage, and then call your congressional member (1-866-887-CARE) and tell them you’re tired of them being puppets to puppeteers who have nothing but their own interest at heart.

  11. jeannie says:

    We paid in to social security and medicare all these years, and now they want to take it away. We did not work for a company with a pension, but we saved a substancial amount on our own in a 401k. Our 401k has gone down with the economy, so it is worth less. Other people worked for companies who provided pensions for workers, but some of these companies went bankrupt. The government has a pension guarantee fund for these people whose companies went under, paid for out of the taxes we all pay. Where is our pension guarantee??? We have less in our pension, just like those people, but we are expected to just suck it up and live on less, while our tax money goes to subsidise others pensions that went down to little or nothing.

  12. raymond gamboa says:

    if the ssi cuts pass,the time i can survive aarp will not get another dime off me.

  13. Rudy P. says:

    *The US government received an $ 81.71 Billion Dollar Surplus from Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance (OASDI) for Fiscal Year 2010; Amount of money owed to The American People (TAP) for this Trust Fund is $ 2,585.484 Billion Dollars as of Fiscal Year 2010. Pg 323>325
    *Presidents responsible for depleting OASDI/amount in Billions of Dollars;
    Mr. Reagan/$ 104.237; Mr. G.H.W. Bush/$ 214.924; Mr. Clinton/$ 687.593;
    Mr. G.W. Bush/$ I, 359.537; Mr. Obama/$ 219.032; Total amount $ 2, 585.323.
    *The US government acquired a deficit of $ 20.423 Billion Dollar from Medicare Part “A through D” for Fiscal Year 2010; Amount of money owed to The American People (TAP) for this Trust Fund is $ 350.842 Billion Dollars as of Fiscal Year 2010. Pg 323>325
    *The US government acquired a deficit of $ 289.746 Billion Dollars from Medicaid for Fiscal Year 2010, and a deficit of $ 42.530 Billion Dollars from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This is where the problem lies, not with Social Security or Medicare. Pg 352

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