Nelson, Johanns differ on debt proposal


July 21st, 2011

Omaha, NE – The so-called “Gang of Six” national debt proposal has Nebraska Senators Ben Nelson and Mike Johanns on different pages. With the August 2nd deadline for the debt limit quickly approaching, lawmakers continue to argue over how best to solve the nation’s fiscal problems.

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Sen. Mike Johanns, NE-R, called the "Gang of Six" proposal "thoughtful and serious." (Photo courtesy Johanns' office)

The Gang of Six proposal is drawing a tepid response from Nebraska’s Democratic Senator Ben Nelson. In his weekly conference call with reporters on Wednesday, Nelson said he will remain skeptical until he sees how the proposal will impact Medicare and Social Security. Particularly, he said, because the plan calls for $500 billion dollars to be cut from healthcare spending.

Nelson said, “That’s code for perhaps Medicare, Medicaid, the regular healthcare reform bill. I don’t know where they would find it and what it would consist of. To me, that’s an article of faith I’m not prepared to take.”

Nebraska’s Republican Senator Mike Johanns gave a warmer response to the deal. Johanns told the Washington newspaper, The Hill, that the plan was “thoughtful and serious.” He also said he believes it could be “the vehicle that gives us the best opportunity to deal with a whole range of issues,” and he’s “excited about the possibilities.”

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  1. Don Rinne says:

    Would you expect “Socialist” Ben to offer anything but a tepid approval or a “wait and see” approach?

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