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June 3rd, 2011

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Omaha, NE – Starting June 3rd, The Rose Theater will be alive with the sounds of a classic.

The Sound of Music opens June 3rd at The Rose Theater in downtown Omaha.

“All little kids kind of dream of having someone like Maria come to them,” said actress Jodi Vaccaro. Vaccaro’s lined up to play the magnetic Maria in the Rose Theater’s production of The Sound of Music, which opens Friday night. Vaccaro said she’s been a fan of the on-screen Governess since she was a child. “She’s brave, she’s kind, she’s funny…I think it’s been a dream role of mine since I was probably a little girl.”

The well-known screen adaption of The Sound of Music hit the silver screen in 1965, starring Julie Andrews as Maria. Based loosely on a true story of the Von Trapp family, movie-goers swooned over the beautiful scenery of Austria and the touching adventures of the nun who leaves the convent to decide her life’s direction. In the story, Maria takes on the task of help raising the seven stubborn children of the widowed Captain Georg Von Trapp, a strict, military man.

Vaccaro said it’s her hope to do the movie “justice”, but she says each of the cast members will bring in their own creativity to their roles on the stage.

It also helps, she said, to have big talent like Kirk Vaughn-Robinson of the National Broadway Tour, playing the role of Captain Von Trapp. It’s the love between his and her characters, said Vaccaro, that’s the “heart of the show.”

Also lending their talents to The Sound of Music is Scenic Designer Adam Rowe, who is also the Art Director for shows such as Showtime’s “Dexter.” Vaccaro said Rowe has “created a wonderful world” for them to work in.

The show opens Friday, June 3rd at the Rose Theater in downtown Omaha and runs through June 19th.

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