Images of the rising Missouri


June 2nd, 2011

The Missouri River was at 30 feet as of Wednesday, and is expected to rise to 34-36 feet by June 18th. (Photo by Josh Korth)

Low-lying homes in Nebraska and Iowa have already been evacuated, but the flooding is mostly impacting farmland currently. (Photo by Josh Korth)

The rising Missouri River has attracted dozens of onlookers, but Mayor Jim Suttle is warning residents to keep away from the riverbanks. (Photo by Josh Korth)

The partially-submerged Monument to Labor at the Omaha riverfront was one of the first casualties of the rising river. (Photo by Josh Korth)

Several events planned at the Lewis and Clark Landing have already been canceled, as the Missouri's waters have already submerged parts of the area. (Photo by Josh Korth)

42-ft flood gates have been installed along the Omaha riverfront, and are expected to hold back the rising Missouri. (Photo by Josh Korth)

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