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June 15th, 2011

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Omaha, NE – Grab your notepads and pencils, and get ready to sharpen your writing skills. The Church of Resurrection in North Omaha will host Screenwriting 101 Wednesday night.

A film starts as a story and becomes a series of still or moving images, but what does it take for a story to hit the silver screen? Organizers of the Screenwriting 101 workshop, an introduction to the craft, hope to answer that question. Butch Reel is one of the workshop instructors. For the past 20 years, Reel says he’s been writing for film, television, and theater productions. He’s had his own brushes with Hollywood too. He said he worked on one production that was given the green light at first, but eventually was pulled.

What does it take for a story to hit the silver screen? (Photo credit Wikimedia)

“It was very gritty,” he said, describing his story. “It was a south central story, with a lot of gang involvement, a heavy sound track to the whole thing. It was a really cool story and idea. The whole thing was just a neat deal.”

Reel said in order to be successful people have to understand everything about the filmmaking industry.

“Screenwriting is a collaborative art, unlike a lot of things,” he said. “You very much have to collaborate with director, the director of photography, lighting, sound and all the different aspects that come together to make a film. The writer is just the piece of it, just the idea, the spark, the imaginative beginning.”

Reel said the two-hour workshop provides a general overview of how to get started with screen writing. Information about software and writing styles will be included, as well as a sample script. The free workshop starts Wednesday evening at 6pm at the Church of Resurrection in North Omaha.

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