Papio sewer treatment plant springs a leak


June 28th, 2011

Omaha, NE – As complications brought on by the Missouri River flooding continue to pile up, the Papio Sewer Treatment Plant almost found itself knee-deep in trouble.

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Since the flooding in Omaha began back in early June, scores of both aerial photos and video have been shot to capture the Missouri River’s unpredictable nature.

In a foul turn of events on Sunday night, the Papio Sewer Treatment Plant in southeast Sarpy County blew a two foot manhole lid from its bolted platform. That in turn caused a geyser of treated sewage to spew nearly 12 feet into the air.

“Water from the Missouri River, and pressure from water coming from the Papio created so much pressure that it lifted that manhole and you had a geyser,” said Aida Amoura, a spokesperson for Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle’s office.

Despite the complications of the break, city workers are making progress in containing the spill. “They do have it remedied today. They’ve figured out how to fix, recap it, and we’re running as we should be right now,” said Amoura.

For now, Amoura said the leak has been capped, and the Public Works Department does not expect another leak to occur. However, she says that could change if the area sees more heavy rain.

Video of the leaking sewer plant, provided by the Omaha Police Department:

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