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June 8th, 2011

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Omaha, Ne – The city of Omaha has been building up the levee around the city’s waste treatment plant to make sure Omaha continues to have access to clean water, while the rising Missouri River seeps over its banks. City workers have begun building up the levee around the city’s waste water treatment plant in South Omaha. Aida Amoura, the spokesperson for the Mayor’s office, said they want the levee built up to 42 feet to hold back the flooding Missouri River, and make sure that Omaha has access to clean water.

The Missouri River is expected to rise to seven feet above flood stage by mid-June (Photo by Josh Korth)

“So far the work’s going well,” Amoura said. “Once it gets built, it’ll be in great shape, and it will just be business as usual around there.” Amoura also said for the past couple of days the river levels have stayed around 30 feet.

“The expectation is that when we get to our highest level, where they … make those releases from Montana and South Dakota, that we would be between 34 and 35 feet,” she said. But she added, “Our levees are, however, at 42 feet, so we’re pretty well protected even at the highest estimations.”

No Omaha residents have been asked to evacuate yet, but Amoura said people who live near the Missouri River should have their own evacuation plans in the event that the water does rise even more. She also urged everyone to stay off the rising river.

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