A night at “The Colored Museum”


June 8th, 2011

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Omaha, NE – The Colored Museum is now playing on the main stage at the John Beasley Theatre in South Omaha. Originally written in 1985 by George C. Wolfe, The Colored Museum takes an audience of museum visitors through eleven exhibits. Each exhibit shows a different event or cultural element of the African American experience, like the “Hairpiece,” which features a dialog between two actors playing talking wigs.

“I don’t believe it,” says the first Wig, as a woman puts on her makeup in her bathroom.

“Will you just look at her, trying to paint some life into that face of hers?” replies Wig #2. “You’d think she’d realize by now it’s the hair. It’s all about the hair.”

“Hair? What hair? She ain’t got no hair,” says Wig #1. “She done dyed, fried and dechemicalized her head to death.”

“All that’s left is that butt naked scalp of hers” laughs Wig #2, “sitting up there apologizing for being odd-shaped and ugly.”

Another exhibit took the audience on a comedic plane ride, with the character “Ms. Pat.” She guides them through African American history starting with slavery.

“Welcome aboard Celebrity Slave Ship,” Ms. Pat announces to the audience, “departing the Gold Coast to making short stops in…Port-Au-Prince and Havana, before our final destination of Savannah.”

“Hi, I’m Miss Pat and I’ll be serving you here in cabin A. Now, will be flying at an altitude that’s pretty high, so shackles must be worn at all times.”

The show starts nightly at 7:30pm Thursday through Saturday, with Sunday matinees, now through June 26th at the John Beasley Theatre in South Omaha.

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